Volunteering at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol’s College Advisory Program


  • College Transition days  for our college-bound seniors will be broken up into 3 days across 3 months- Days and topics are as follows;

Looking for people who can facilitate workshops on: 

MAY 24th –4-7pm – Day 1:  Time & Money management workshops

4:15-5:15p Time management 

  • Importance of  Time Management for College students
  • Discuss planners and scheduling
  • Discuss priorities and free time

5:30-6:30p-Money Matters       

  • What type of things do you think you’ll need to budget for?
  • Have group brainstorm on expenses they may encounter in college
  • Tips on money managing
  • Understanding loans
  • Old enough for Credit
  • Bank accounts savings/checking

JUNE 20th 4-7pm –  Day 2:  Social aspects- focus:

4:15-5:15p    Social Issues: in and outside the classroom

  • Brainstorm on issues that may arise in a college setting
  • Laying ground rules with roommate
  • Surviving the culture shock
  • Importance of creating community: clubs, sports and extra-curriculars
  • Role playing: how would you handle this?
  • Mental health- feeling homesick, depression, anxieties
  • Physical health-Healthy meals( freshmen 15)

5:30-6:45p     Social Issues: Part 2  -Campus Safety

  • Social Networking-  do’s and don’ts of Social media
  • Dating
  • Sexual assaults
  • Substance abuse

AUGUST 5th or 12th 4-7pm  – Day 3:  College 101 the first week

  • What are some of the things that need to get done the 1st week on campus ?
  • Reviewing different college offices and the services they provide
  • Review Top 10 issues identified by college students
  • Academics review
  • Anatomy of a syllabus
  • Office hours
  • Review College packing list
  • Review Tips for commuters
  • Review Tips for community college

Looking for personal statement editors for our

  • Rising Seniors Summer Bootcamp– is a two week intensive college-prep program running August 22nd-Sept 1st 12-30p- 5p –

Also looking for facilitators on building organizational skills, creating a final list of schools,  personal statement development, CUNY, SUNY and Common application completion as well as FASFA introduction and scholarship research.

Looking to incorporate admission officers and college students to visit and speak on the application process and the college experience.  

  • Date TBD (usually in Early January before Spring semester commences)  Alumni College Fair- open to all– 

 Perhaps a personalized college tour led by alumni of Columbia can be included.

  • (August during bootcamp– for rising seniors, November- for seniors, February – April for 7th-11th graders)  College Tours

Special thanks to Brittney Taylor ’11 for IRAAS Alumni coordination!


RSVP to IRAASAlumniCouncil@gmail.com


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